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Chrome to Phone

September 8th, 2010

With the latest version of the Google Android mobile operating system comes privileged access to new features available within. Froyo, or version 2.2, is the anticipated update for all android handsets that brings a wealth of new features and updates to your phone. One such privilege is access to the Android Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) service which promises to bring increased functionality to the applications on your phone.

Chrome to Phone is an application that utilises this service to allow you to instantly send links from your Chrome web browser on your desktop or laptop computer to your phone. There are two parts to using it; a Chrome browser extension (available here) and a mobile application available for the Android Market.

It places a button in the browser window and whenever you want to send a link to your phone, just click the button and it is sent. Instantly, in my experience. It’s a very handy feature to have. If you have to go out you can send a link to the website you were reading which is handy to say the least.

Not only is the extension itself exciting but the technology behind it should also give you goosebumps. I’d like to see it implemented into the Facebook application, which compared to its iPhone cousin is rather lackluster.

Orange UK and the HTC Desire shortage

August 5th, 2010

The UK mobile phone operator Orange has been experiencing shortages with the HTC Desire for around 7 weeks now. These shortages are being experienced all around the world and not just with the HTC Desire but with any device that includes an AMOLED screen. Manufacture of this type of screen cannot currently cope with the demand for it, and it looks set to stay that way for a while to come.

I’ve been meaning to upgrade my phone to the HTC Desire for, unsurprisingly, about seven weeks now and Orange have been out of stock all this time. A few phone calls to Orange and it turns out they have at least around 5,000 – that’s five thousand – of the HTC Desire in their possession, possibly more, which Orange are testing. The issue is apparently not to do with stock shortage, as they do get regular deliveries, but to do with the number of devices passing Orange’s tests. Apparently, a shipment of around 4,000 devices this last Monday only produced 90 devices that passed. That’s 2.25% that are passing Orange’s tests! A new software update should apparently be implemented soon which should let the Desires flow freely from the test centre and into our hands, but when this is supposed to happen is anyone’s guess. Hopefully in the next couple weeks.

But don’t get too excited as a reservation list apparently has around 15,000 people who are next in line to get their lucky hands on this phone. My advice? Go sim free if you can. Or go to another network. If you’re not prepared to wait that is!

Hold Your Desire: New HTC Desire

July 26th, 2010

I was planning to upgrade my phone in the next few weeks, as I have mentioned before, to one of the best all round smartphones on the market, the HTC Desire. If you go to any review site you can find the HTC Desire near the top of the best phones list, if not occupying the top spot.

One item of contention with the Desire is that the battery life is rather disappointing. While this doesn’t deter me, as I’m used to charging my current phone nearly every day, it would deter some power users looking for something more. With this in mind, HTC today put out a press release detailing that the next revision of the HTC Desire, and the global Nexus One (the Google phone), would include a new screen employing Super LCD display (SLCD) technology which offers up to 5 times more power efficiency than the current lineup.

Whilst this is indeed good news, it also means users wanting to upgrade to the HTC Desire have to choose between risking upgrading now for the phone that everyone loves, or waiting until whenever it is HTC decides to unleash the more power efficient SLCD Desire onto the market, which may be as soon as the end of this summer. Or even to wait for the rumoured HTC Desire HD, hitting a shop near you in October apparently.

Adobe Air P2P Video Calling for Android

July 25th, 2010

With a move to an Android phone in the near future planned to replace my tiring Motorola E8, I thought I’d spend a bit of time talking about a concept using Adobe Air that brings peer-to-peer video calling to the Android platform. With Apple introducing their FaceTime application along with the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 4, a few months or so ago, it would seem that the Android platform is fast becoming a realistic competitor to the iPhone, and currently iOS 4, especially with the rising number of applications being developed and the range of choices the consumer gets in the Android marketplace.

While only meant to show off the peer-to-peer capabilities of Adobe Air 2.5, the video calling application shows the potential of the platform. While at this early stage there are some expected glitches, it shows what could be expected from the platform. With smartphones becoming ever more powerful, most phones will be able to use these features with no problem in the near future.

The fact this concept uses Adobe Air opens up the possibility of peer-to-peer video calling over different types of devices. For example you could make a video call from your smartphone to a colleague on their laptop at work or video calling your friend who’s watching TV from your tablet computer. This is definitely one to watch. But while you wait for the polished product to hit your marketplace, check out Fring.

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