Desire the HTC Desire, 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 500mb data for £12.50 p/month?

September 4th, 2010 by Sunny Man Leave a reply »

Over the years I have found that shopping around for the best deal is the best way to go, although not always the easiest. When it comes to the HTC Desire, it seems this mystical phone has become the stuff of legends lately; I’ve not been able to get it from any of the major carriers at the price I want with the minutes and texts I needed. A wise and knowledgeable friend pointed me to a deal on (this goes through quidco, where you could get up to £60 cashback) (#) which is a well known and established web-only retailer, now part of the Carphone Warehouse.

The Deal

The deal can be broken down as this:

  • Free HTC Desire unlocked handset
  • Orange 24 month contract
  • £12.50 p/m after redemption (details here; £25 p/m without)
  • 300 any network minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 500MB data allowance

Which, in my book, is pretty good; especially with an unlocked phone. It seems to me that they receive stock on a weekly basis, though not on consistent days. The HTC Desire is currently out of stock, but they are supposed to receive more stock by the middle of the next week. I ordered mine when it was out of stock at the beginning of the week and it was despatched today after they received stock last Thursday. Go and grab your Desire! (#)

There are other deals on there that you might want to look at but I wanted to stay with Orange, which may screw me over at a later date.


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