Student Advice: Finding Summer Employment

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While this article may have come a few months too late for both most students and myself, it is still hoped that the advice shared here can be used to help those wanting to earn some extra cash over the summer holiday months after those dreaded college or university exams.

Whether you are wanting to work where you attend university or college or whether you’re travelling home for the summer, the ways to go about getting a job are pretty much identical. The first thing to do is prepare all the things you will need to apply for a job. This means creating your CV. There are plenty of good websites out there that will guide you along the process of creating a good, relevant CV. If you have an academic tutor at your disposal, they are an invaluable source of help for making a subject specific CV.

A couple of weeks before you will be available to start work, it’s a good idea to identify and apply via the post, internet and in person if possible to the places you’re hoping to work it. With these applications the most important pieces of information to include, especially for retail related jobs, are the dates you are available for work, what hours you can work and why you want to work there; all of which can be attached to your CV on a cover sheet.

It’s a real shame but you’ll have to get used to the idea that hearing nothing back usually means no. Most shops and companies will not even let you know if you fail in your attempt to get a job with them. While in my opinion it’s quite disrespectful, it’s common practise and so the only solution is to try until you get an answer. Be persistent.

Within the couple weeks before you go home, or wish to start work, it’s an extremely good idea to sign up to some employment agencies in the area. They can do half the work for you and find you temporary work for over the summer. While this is attractive and I myself have gotten summer work through an agency the past two years, it doesn’t guarantee you work over the entire duration of the summer, if at all, and you can become unemployed at a whim. It also invites the possibility of doing many different things and working long shifts you may not be used to. Experience has taught myself, and people I know, that persistence with agencies is only a good thing and can make the different between getting work and not.

These tips are here are just a guide and are things that have worked for myself and the people I know. Earning extra money during the summer vacation can make the difference to some people between scrimping and saving for a year and enjoying your student life as you should. One thing to remember it to check your payslips if you are in full time education. As a student you do not have to pay income tax on your earnings out of term time. If you are being charged income tax, you need to contact the tax office and request a new tax code, or get them to send you a rebate. Good luck.


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