Hold Your Desire: New HTC Desire

July 26th, 2010 by Sunny Man Leave a reply »

I was planning to upgrade my phone in the next few weeks, as I have mentioned before, to one of the best all round smartphones on the market, the HTC Desire. If you go to any review site you can find the HTC Desire near the top of the best phones list, if not occupying the top spot.

One item of contention with the Desire is that the battery life is rather¬†disappointing. While this doesn’t deter me, as I’m used to charging my current phone nearly every day, it would deter some power users looking for something more. With this in mind, HTC today put out a press release detailing that the next revision of the HTC Desire, and the global Nexus One (the Google phone), would include a new screen employing Super LCD display (SLCD) technology which offers up to 5 times more power¬†efficiency¬†than the current lineup.

Whilst this is indeed good news, it also means users wanting to upgrade to the HTC Desire have to choose between risking upgrading now for the phone that everyone loves, or waiting until whenever it is HTC decides to unleash the more power efficient SLCD Desire onto the market, which may be as soon as the end of this summer. Or even to wait for the rumoured HTC Desire HD, hitting a shop near you in October apparently.


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