Adobe Air P2P Video Calling for Android

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With a move to an Android phone in the near future planned to replace my tiring Motorola E8, I thought I’d spend a bit of time talking about a concept using Adobe Air that brings peer-to-peer video calling to the Android platform. With Apple introducing their FaceTime application along with the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 4, a few months or so ago, it would seem that the Android platform is fast becoming a realistic competitor to the iPhone, and currently iOS 4, especially with the rising number of applications being developed and the range of choices the consumer gets in the Android marketplace.

While only meant to show off the peer-to-peer capabilities of Adobe Air 2.5, the video calling application shows the potential of the platform. While at this early stage there are some expected glitches, it shows what could be expected from the platform. With smartphones becoming ever more powerful, most phones will be able to use these features with no problem in the near future.

The fact this concept uses Adobe Air opens up the possibility of peer-to-peer video calling over different types of devices. For example you could make a video call from your smartphone to a colleague on their laptop at work or video calling your friend who’s watching TV from your tablet computer. This is definitely one to watch. But while you wait for the polished product to hit your marketplace, check out Fring.

Via: Engadget
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